RFIDAeroTrack is the latest product offering in the RFIDAero suite of industry solutions.

Man scanningRFIDAeroTrack tracks and monitors the movements of objects within a fixed reader environment or with the use of RFID handheld scanners. Information for all tracked items is stored centrally on the RFIDAero Server ensuring that all data can be shared as appropriate.

RFIDAeroTrack provides the facility to monitor any number of items based upon user-defined types and locations. This is the ground-based RFID tracking solution or airlines or suppliers that can track:

  • aircraft components: rotables, repairables, expendables
  • consumable and shelf-life items
  • Asset tracking
  • Tool tracking, calibration management
  • Paper documentation
  • Staff, such as mechanics on reimbursable jobs, or cleaning crews

All items are automatically monitored as they move within the fixed reader environment. In addition, handheld scanning allows for a more granular level of tracking where fixed readers are not in place. This saves significant infrastructure costs, allowing the technology to be used to greater advantage.

Transparent Data Collection

RFID technology, as implemented with the aviation industry data standards, allows key data to be collected transparently, automatically, without any human involvement. Items are tracked by their actual Part # and Serial # – not some other numbering system. This allows both the technology and the people to be tracking and looking for the same item – a simple but powerful concept that makes the technology work with your existing systems. Contact us for more information and use cases where this has been deployed already. See www.RFIDAero.com for more detailed information.