In this new world where lean, fast, and responsive wins out over large, slow, and self-centered, having great partners who can deliver an excellent product in a responsive way is what makes us successful. Technology Solutions has found some great partners to deliver the RFID solutions that are being adopted across the aviation marketplace.

The two major partners Technology Solutions uses are described below, ASD and Wm.Frick & Company, who deliver the customized products to meet customer’s needs. Other partners listed below that are the leading suppliers in the RFID industry that provide the standard, commodity hardware products that are needed to have an open solution.

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Aerospace Software Developments and Technology Solutions have had a great partnership since 2006. ASD develops fantastic software that bridges the gap between sophisticated technology and the people who use it. Their knowledge of the aviation business and the end user focus of their applications has made them the perfect partner for our Hardware – Software – Peopleware approach. Click on either logo above for more information.

777 LOPA

ASD’s focus on making it easy for the end user has produced various software modules that allow

users to easily configure their own reports from any of the available data, select various methods for delivering those reports, self-configure email or text alerts, and even to quickly build an entire seating model of any aircraft in several minutes.

ASD is the only company in the aviation industry whose software is certified by the GS1/EPCGlobal organization, attesting to both the quality and the technical sophistication of their solutions. The team at ASD has been working together for over 20 years and have refined the software architecture and the development process to a high degree. The upside to this long collaboration are applications that are very modular, flexible, and designed for change in the future as the customer’s business changes. The documentation, training, and support we offer is second to none and we welcome the opportunity for you to talk to any of our existing customers.

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The second outstanding partner is William Frick & Company. When the rest of the world could only produce gummed RFID labels for retail, Frick had the most amazing variety of industrial-strength RFID tags in all shapes, size, and memory configuration. They stood out from hundreds of other tag vendors at the huge RFID Journal Live show. They call themselves a custom tag converter, which just means that they have the creative design expertise to create new RFID tags to fit your specific needs. They, of course, can also deliver the mass-produced, generic RFID is great volumes if that is what you need.

The RFID tags produced for on-aircraft use are certified to meet SAE AS5678 standards, and the tags can be shipped with a Certificate of Conformance, if needed. The AS5678 tests, encouraged by the FAA, ensure that the tags retain their data integrity (no data lost) through a whole series of “shake’n’bake” tests – vibration, shock, moisture, temperature extremes, etc., not to mention the important flammability tests. All our on-aircraft tags have this test certification.

Below are several pictures of common RFID tags used by airlines and airline suppliers in tagging their parts. Frick can provide blank tags (e.g., for OEMs) or they can produce pre-printed/encoded tags for an airline to accomplish legacy part marking of their existing inventory in the most efficient way. If interested, contact Technology Solutions to talk through your RFID tag requirements and we can help determine the best tag to meet your need. The price will be the same as if you ordered directly from Frick. Click on the logo above to see the wide variety of RFID tags Frick has to offer.

Tamper Seal O2 Gen Tag Life Vest Tag Equipment Tag Galley Cart Tag Tool Tag

RFID Oxygen Generator Tag RFID Live Vest Tag RFID Label Strap RFID Metal Mount2 RFID Metal Mount1

Other Suppliers

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