RFIDAeroTag allows manufacturers (or airlines) to control the unique Serial Number of the products they are identifying and tagging with RFID. RFIDAeroTag comes in two versions – a PC version and a Handheld Computer version.  Either platform can handle the read/write needs for low-mem or high-mem tags.

With the PC version, tags are encoded with Spec2000 data, printed with human readable and/or bar codes if need be, and handed to the operator one‐at‐a‐time, or in batch mode. Full database traceability and reports of all RFID tags created, plus ability to re‐generate another tag if damaged/missing. The PC-version also handle the same item coming back through for refurbishment. Also meets DoD UID requirements for uniqueness and data formats.  This version would typically be used for higher volume production needs.

The Handheld Computer version handles the reading and writing of all versions of high-mem Multi Record tags, Dual Record Tags, and low-mem Single record tags from all the manufacturers.  This version has been checked for accuracy by the Airbus Interoperability Lab and delivers the complete Spec2000 ver 4.0 data structure of:

  • Birth Record
  • Current Data Record
  • Mechanic Scratchpad Record
  • Part History Record
  • ToC Header and Trailer


  • Allows manufacturer to control unique serialization and labeling of products using human
  • human readable, barcode, and/or RFID labels
  • Offers additional benefits to airline customers to have multi‐media labels to ID and track parts
  • User‐needed data stored on RFID tag – Part #, Serial #, Mfgr. Date, Expiration Date, etc.
  • Full traceability of each label created in a database – Part #, Serial #, time/date, operator, etc.
  • Single tag or batch mode operation
  • Test Mode operation allows practice on a single tag, displaying data, avoiding waste
  • More data can be stored in database than is written on tag for traceability
  • Can be operated with various SQL databases
  • Data can be linked to/from existing manufacturing systems
  • All data in ATA Spec2000 format


  • New, unique, and attractive RFID capability for airlines Customers
  • May replace older, error‐prone methods of marking parts with computer‐controlled process
  • Provides part traceability, research, anti‐counterfeiting
  • AutoID capability eliminates errors in‐house and at Customer sites
  • Automated, historical traceability of each manufactured item
  • Easy reporting capability on shift, operator, Part Numbers, Serial Numbers
  • Special original data authenticity mechanisms available

Please contact us for more information about any of these applications, or for any new ones needed.  See www.RFIDAero.com for more detailed information.