An increasing concern for airlines is the security and contraband issues surrounding the airplane. Each morning before the first flight, airlines have a TSA responsibility to make a security sweep of every aircraft, and probably 99+% of the time everything is still OK as it was the day before. Every aircraft, every day is a LOT of labor and things to track and report on.

This RFID application allows the placement and tracking of security labels (SecurTags®) on life vest boxes, rear lav wall access areas, and access panels in various parts of the airplane. Any unauthorized opening of one of these areas would be reported next time the plane is checked with a portable RFID reader. The entire cabin area can be checked for security violations in less than 2 minutes. Labels can match surrounding color to be inconspicuous. TSA accountability and reporting is available via retained and archived database reports showing details on every security location.


  • Tailored for quick security sweeps in the aircraft cabin
  • A single handheld computer can cover multiple planes
  • SecurTags® inform the system when any secured area has been breached
  • SecurTags® can be color‐matched to the background so they blend in more
  • Management dashboard shows a morning report of any plane that didn’t get a security sweep yet, or that has a deferred security item that will need to be checked at the next station.
  • Automatic email or text messaging on any plane that did not clear their security sweep and/or that needs specific items attended to at the next station.
  • We offer a complete solution – software, hardware, and RFID tags, and can even host the application if that will relieve your IT department.


  • Mechanic/contractor only needs to check exceptions , reducing labor by 90%
  • Historical log of all security sweeps maintained online or in archive
  • Automatic traceability, accountability and reportability
  • Any deferred items automatically sent to responsible party
  • Bureaucracy and reporting significantly reduced

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