RFIDAeroCheck allows airlines a quick and accurate check for both the presence and expiration date of various kinds of Emergency Equipment in the cabin by walking down the aisle – O2 Generators, life vests, medical kits, portable oxygen bottles, smoke alarms, and dozens of other types of equipment – one airline has 62 different components tagged and tracked! Allows for legacy part marking of your existing equipment as well as new RFID tagged-parts to be installed in a seamless process. Product includes powerful graphic editing for creating exact floor plans, full database, tracking, maintenance/purchase planning, and reporting capabilities with automated email notification of desired alerts. Fully ATA Spec2000‐compliant. Remote hosting and support, if needed. The check time was reduced by 99% using RFID technology.


  • Graphic and data display map exactly to what the person sees on each specific Tail Number
    • Powerful graphic editing tools ‐ also useful in many other business areas Uses uniquely serialized, pre‐encoded and barcoded RFID tags
  • Allows for RFID and/or paper processes ‐ minimizes mechanic data input effort
  • Allows a quick component induction of an airplane into the database – under 1 hour Entire cabin area can have data re‐verified in about 2 minutes
  • Stores Tail #, location, asset type, Part #, Serial #, mechanic, date/time in database
  • Allows date‐driven reporting and planning for maintenance and purchases
  • Handheld RFID computer used to induct components on airplane, one‐time effort
    • Operates on Intermec, Motorola or NordicID handhelds, Smartphones, and multiple databases. Automated reports and email alerts for standard and increasingly critical items.


  • Maximum‐life asset utilization
  • Inventory reduction based on actual need rates
  • Improved maintenance planning
  • Improved purchase planning
  • More, smaller jobs can be assigned to line stations
  • Detailed, accurate purchase planning avoids AOGs
  • Eliminates wasted labor of checking things again and again that are still OK

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