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Software can be a powerful and effective business tool – but only if your programmers know the business. Excellent software comes from people who are technically competent and who know the business they are writing for. TechnologySolutions has both!

We have several decades worth of combined experience in the aviation and defense arenas focused on all aspects of maintenance and parts operation. Our staff includes Certified ISV Partners of Microsoft who continually update and expand the knowledge of new software solutions that are available and useful to our clients. Our expertise extends from server and desktop solutions to handheld computer and Smartphone applications, from the latest XML, Java and web services to EDI transactions that have serviced hundreds of customers in the US, Europe, Asia and around the world.

As the primary architect and author of aviation’s RFID standard, we know how RFID technology relates to the business better than anyone, and have the technical expertise to deliver a cost-effective solution for your needs. The basic RFID products may meet your initial technical needs, but as your business evolves and your needs become more sophisticated, TechnologySolutions can build the perfect solution, tailored to fit your industry, business size and unique application goals.

Having watched how poorly, and expensively, other industries were implementing RFID technology, aviation developed a completely different paradigm for how it should be done.  After 6 years of socializing this paradigm shift in RFID implementation, the EPCglobal organization officially approved our approach in the EPC Tag Data Standard 1.6 in Sept 2011.  Read more about this amazing paradigm shift in the white paper found under Resources on this web site.

Our applications are all very modular in design and whenever possible we build-in user configurability so that you remain in control of many more aspects of the application.  Six months from now you’d like a different report format?  You can redesign the report without us involved!  There are far too many new and exciting solutions to create for us to get bogged down creating a new report for you – so we build in the freedom for you to handle that yourself quite easily.

Note: All applications have ongoing support, and licensed upgrades are available. All RFID software is certified by the GS1/EPCGlobal organization – the only company in the aviation arena who has achieved this status.