How Can TechnologySolutions Benefit My Company?

Needs assessments

  • analysis of waste in parts, process or people utilization
  • recommendations for current/future technology application

e-Business Process Improvement

  • increasing and improving e-business process
  • Maintenance-Repair-Overhaul Architecture
  • man-machine integration, from human-readable to system-system XML data
  • providing data front-ends to your existing systems


  • defining common data, uniquely marking parts and tracking parts cradle-to-grave
  • use of Auto ID technology for better, faster and cheaper data

Sales of Applicable Hardware and Software

  • innovative software applications that can be personalized for your company’s needs
  • providing all your barcode/RFID hardware and RFID tag needs


  • corporate and staff training on a variety of topics, including Spec2000 industry data standards, RFID, UID and hardware and software usage

Reduction of Waste in Your Processes, Parts or People

  • utilizing data horizontally and vertically within the organization
  • sharing data collaboratively with suppliers, customers and partners
  • re-using industry standard data across multiple systems

From consultations and compliance verification to on-site training and presentations, TechnologySolutions offers a variety of services to deliver business benefits.