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The TechnologySolutions Principal and Partners bring decades of experience from major corporations to a variety of consulting areas:

System Architecture

As a Technical Architect for United Airlines for more than a decade, the Principal has broad experience across mainframe, mini, client-server, web-based and PC platforms. Supporting a 24/7 worldwide aircraft maintenance operation required a broad understanding of systems, networks, application and data. TechnologySolutions also worked to co-developed a robust, synchronized and worldwide-distributed document solution for United Airlines in the early 90’s that is still operational today.

Being focused on the data needed to operate a business, another powerful concept is to front-end legacy systems with web-based data collection/reporting systems and interface just the data to the legacy system to keep existing processes happy. Recent interfaces have been to SAP, Sceptre, AMOS, and other ERP/MRO systems, yielding dramatic results.

AutoID Technologies – Bar Code

An early adopter of bar code technologies, the Principal has designed, purchased and implemented $500K worth of bar code hardware supporting $5M worth of new production systems which delivered $20M in benefit over the next 3 years. Technical expertise encompasses:

  • 1D and 2D barcode symbologies
  • RFID part marking and tracking solutions
  • Spec2000 eBusiness processes
  • Printing and reading bar codes and the data flow
  • Batch or real time applications
  • Labels, data plates, or Direct Part Mark (DPM) production
  • DPM equipment – including laser, laser etch, laser bonding, dot peen, inkjet, chem-etch, others
  • Networked or standalone systems
  • Wired or WiFi-connected systems
  • Fixed or handheld portables
  • Simple-read and display equipment or sophisticated applications that run in handheld portable computers
  • Help with the collateral work of engineering analysis and drawing revision in the more sophisticated DPM evaluation
  • Full range of services: consulting, design, purchase, implementation, maintenance, and training

AutoID Technologies – RFID

Many other companies can deliver RFID shipping label compliance solutions, and it is recommended that you use them if that is all you want to use RFID for. Those solutions are generally mandated, but has little ROI for the company applying the RFID tag. If you want to use RFID to solve a business problem, there are many opportunities. The quickest benefit comes from RFID-tagging items that you need to make more visible and collect data from more easily. Uniquely identifying and tracking these items with a minimum of data entry is now routinely done, offering cradle-to-grave traceability.

AutoID Technologies – Contact Memory Buttons

CMBs represent yet another AutoID technology that is very robust, stores a lot of data, and can be implemented successfully in very hostile environments. TechnologySolutions can determine the appropriate uses for this technology in your operations, determining the cost and the benefit in either an open or closed loop operations.