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Below are several new ideas, new RFID tags, or new hardware that you may find useful.  If interested in any of these, please contact us to discuss further.

Passive RFID Voltage Measurements             Flashlight RFID Tag

As a consultant helping airlines improve their maintenance processes, one of the most tedious and time consuming tasks I see in the aircraft cabin maintenance arena is the measurement of battery voltages in various kinds of emergency equipment.  We have developed a prototype for use in a standard flashlight (because it is easy to carry to demos) but the same concept works for all the other battery equipment found in the aircraft cabin like defibrillators, smoke alarms, slides and rafts, etc.  One major area this seems to be useful would be in measuring the voltage in an EPAS battery that helps blow open the aircraft door and deploy the slide during an emergency.  Measuring the voltage on this battery can take upwards for 4 hours for a mechanic to disassemble the door shroud (carefully!) gain access to the battery, measuring the voltage, and then wait for an Inspector to come and confirm the voltage before the mechanic carefully reassembles the door again.  That’s a lot of time for a damn voltage measurement!

If that same EPAS battery was outfitted with a voltage measuring RFID tag, a handheld reader could read the correct voltage in about 5 seconds without removing any parts on the door.  Whenever the Inspector was available to show up battery voltages on all the doors could be accomplished in less than 3 minutes (we need to allow walking time from the front to the back doors!). How much faster, how much safer, how much more convenient for everyone’s time would that be?

What batteries cause you grief and how much time/effort could an RFID voltage measuring solution save you?  Give me some feedback; tell me your experiences in this area. And do you see any off-aircraft uses for this type of solution?


These are only several of many varieties of RFID Tags that we have available:

Zip Tie RFID Tagwhite vertical rectangle    Need an  RFID tag that can quickly attach to irregular shapes?  Try this one!  This tag is mounted on a zip-tie so very easy to apply in many different situations.

                                                      Or how about a similar thing with a longer read range?         ZIp-tie2 tag
             This antenna runs along the length of the zip-tie and triples the read range.

Windshield RFID TagNeed an easy way to identify your vehicles?  Give them automated access to your facilities?  A thin, durable windshield tag will provide you with Transparent Data Collection for parking lot, tolls, or access control.

Solar-Powered RFID Tag

   Are the items you need to tag in an outside environment and need to be read at            long distances? How about a solar-powered Gen2 RFID tag for your vehicles,                stationary equipment, location IDs, etc.?

Mount-on-Metal (MoM) tags                               Snap-around Cable RFID Tags    Small Meteal Mount RFID Tag     Small Metal Mount RFID Tags with Screw HolesThere are dozens of different metal-mount tags for all different applications – high temperature, harsh environment, tool tracking, etc.

Laundry RFID Tag  Fabric seat cover/blanket cleaning cycle solution.

Slip this tag into the seam of the fabric and use it to track individually the number of cleaning cycles this particular item has been through.

Smartphone RFID Readers          IOS-Compatible         Android-Compatible

These readers will work with IOS and Android smartphone and lower the hardware costs significantly.