TechnologySolutions can help your business focus on appropriate uses of the appropriate technology.

Used correctly, technology will help you avoid mistakes, collect data in places, and from people you never thought possible, and reduce a massive amount of waste; but used incorrectly, it will help you make mistakes much faster!

Three components of a successful technology implementation


  • The Hardware typically used to leveraged improved business process may be various forms of AutoID technology (Bar Code, RFID, etc) or it may be the use of portable computers, PDAs, or Smart Phones that enable your people to stay connected to their data at all times.
  • Software may be writing new applications to accomplish your goals, putting web-browser front ends on existing applications, or simply mining your existing data to make the problems and/or solutions more visible.
  • Underlying any use of new hardware or software, however, is Peopleware. What is Peopleware? Everything in your business that is not the Hardware or Software – things like the business processes, the internal communications, the training level, the product flow, the information flow and the culture in each department. Peopleware consideration ties your Hardware and Software together to make them work for you, or ignoring it it can allow your Hardware and Software investment to fall flat.TechnologySolutions works to ensure that your Peopleware is helping and not hindering your business processes.