A wide variety of label-type RFID tags are available for any application. These may be purchased blank to work with your own printing/encoding applications (like RFIDAeroTag) or we can both design the printing and encoding to suit your needs as well as produce pre-printed labels for your immediate use. Labels can come any just about any physical size or shape, but they also can come with a variety of RFID chip memory sizes. They can also be applied as a flag tag or zip-tied to a component:

  • No-mem tags – typically the least expensive they will have no User Memory to store your own data. Generally used for high volume, mass distribution (retail) purposes as shipping labels, such as for the DoD RFID shipping label initiative. Generally not used in aviation.
  • Low-mem – slight more expensive but significantly more functional, these tags can vary from 128 bits of User Memory up to 2 kilobits of User Memory to store your own data in the tag, saving significant costs if the system is designed correctly. The most useful size is a 512 bit User Memory which can store about 80 useful characters. Some of these tags can be read at a distance of 65 feet (20m)!
  • Mid-mem – these 2kb tags of User Memory have improved in their read range and are becoming the default tag of choice. They store much more data, can be subdivided into different memory sections, can be used as Single or Dual Record tags. They cost only a little more and can be encoded via a printer or a handheld reader.
  • High-mem tags – these tags can go up to 64 KB of user memory. They have much shorter read ranges, slower read/write times, cost more, but for the right application of storing permanent data right on an expensive part they can be considered. In the 2023 version of Spec2000 these are no longer recommended or encouraged because they were not being used and the suppliers dried up.

Note: all the RFID labels and tags we provide meet the GS1/EPCGlobal C1G2 standards.


Other RFID tags come in an amazing variety of shapes, sizes and functionalities as shown below. The first selection criteria is whether they are to be mounted on metal or not. Regular tags when applied very close to metal surfaces will not respond to a reader. But there are many kinds of Mount-on-Metal (MoM) tags that are designed to perform better on metal than off metal, as well as a multitude of specialty tags for tooling, fabric, cables, and any other purpose you may have:

ZIp-tie2 tag

Small Meteal Mount RFID TagLaundry RFID TagArmored 300C TagFlexible Laundry Tag

Contact us for more information or to help with your use case. We have multiple sources for your tag needs.