Parts Marking, or Direct Part Marking (DPM), has certainly been around for centuries, but previously it was limited to logos or characters that could be forged, stamped, or scratched directly into the surface of a part. Since the early 1990’s more elegant and accurate solutions have been developed that rely on computer-controlled equipment to produce a clear, accurate, and now machine-readable marks on the surface of the many different kinds of parts.

Part marking now encompasses older, more manual, electrochemical etch technologies to computer controlled lasers and dot peening equipment. Some technologies are non-intrusive (e.g., inkjet, laser bonding) and some are intrusive (e.g., laser etching, dot peening) and require different amounts of engineering analysis for safety-critical parts. TechnologySolutions can help conduct the engineering analysis and has worked with the same partner for over 12 years who can provide you the equipment and implementation and training to accomplish this in your production line, or as an out-sourced job shop for a smaller number of parts.