Hardware – Software – Peopleware – the three legs of a successful technology implementation into an existing business process.  But as important as each of those are, it’s the integration of all those to provide better-faster-cheaper and more accurate data that is the benefit the corporation needs from the new technology process.  It’s hard to imagine that the company really doesn’t want the new technology, but rather it is the output of that technology that brings benefit to the corporation in the form of more data, and more accurate data collected faster than ever before (we’ll leave the whole subject of “Transparent Data Collection©” for another time).

Over my career in aviation, I’ve been called the Barcode Guy, then the RFID Guy, but all along I’ve only been the Data Guy – how can we get accurate data into our systems better, faster, and cheaper?  It’s the data that the company uses to measure how they are doing.  It’s the data they use to determine where the problems are.  It’s the data they use to determine where they should put their efforts to do better in the future.  But if the data they are using is bad, is late, or is missing, then the corporation is back to gut-level response.

I believe it has been the primary driver for large corporations moving into the SAP and Oracle worlds so deeply – the idea that “all the data will be in one place” has an alluring appeal – especially to the financial VP currently getting the ulcers that if pushed, he could not vouch for the accuracy of the data.  The allure avoids the issue of whether the data is right or wrong, but at least they know it’s all in one place so it SEEMS like a better solution than before.  Now, after spending all that money, everyone HAS to assume that the data is correct and they don’t ask the ‘accuracy’ question any more. But I digress…..

My own personal, studies in large corporations have shown that using AutoID technologies – typically barcodes –data is physically entered into the system at least 10x faster than typing.  The big advantage is not the speed, however, it is the accuracy.  Using barcode technology the data is 100,000 times more accurate than typing! Think you could sell 100,000X improvement to your boss?  Yeah, I do too.

Let me know if you have some stories about the importance of accurate data.