DoD Unique Identification

The DoD’s Unique Identification (UID) program is a very important piece of the entire DOD modernization effort, offering a consistent process for identifying expensive assets from cradle to grave. TechnologySolutions was invited by the DoD to be one of the UID architects because of our experience in creating a similar, successful solution for the aviation industry 15 years before. What the DoD calls UID Construct 1 is identical to the Spec 2000 solution used to give critical parts a “social security number” for their entire life. The UID identification of expensive parts will form the foundation for much better military (and commercial) systems in the future.

Besides being one of the UID architects, TechnologySolutions has also consulted with many of the DoD’s prime contractors (Boeing IDS, Boeing Helicopter, Honeywell, Northrop Grumman, L-3 Communications, etc.) on how to implement this UID requirement in their computer systems and on the factory floor. Close partners also bring the actual part marking equipment to produce the necessary 2D bar coded data plates and/or the Direct Part Mark (DPM) equipment and systems to control the important Serial Number so no duplicates can ever occur.

Under contract to a DoD think tank, TechnologySolutions has also written several CONOPS (Concept of Operations) to show how larger scale systems and processes can deliver extensive benefits to the DoD and Suppliers alike. Please contact us for more information on how your company could benefit from TechnologySolutions’ experience in every aspect of UID from high-level concepts to low level implementation on the factory floor.