There have been major changes in the hardware RFID arena in the past year – Intermec has been absorbed by Honeywell and Motorola absorbed by Zebra – so lots of changes in products, pricing, and personnel. TechnologySolutions can help your business can find the best hardware and then focus on the best uses of the that hardware.  We can help define what the business requirements are, who the best vendors are, and either recommend, or actually purchase and install, the necessary hardware for you.  We are a Value Added Reseller with Intermec, Motorola, NordicID, Zebra, and a dozen other major hardware providers.  This allows us to provide hardware to you less expensively and with more support than you can get yourself.

Our hardware experience is strongest in the mobile computing area that includes handheld RFID and/or barcode computers with data communications via WiFi, 3G, or hardwired docking station. The strong advantage of these solutions is that you take the computer to where the job is – not taking the job to where the computer is.

Mobile computing also include the use of smartphones and even smartphone/tablets connected to RFID readers to offer a better, faster, cheaper solution over traditional mobile computing. Technology Solutions Ltd. TSL 1128, TSL 1166 and Zebra 8500 sled RFID platforms are several that we can provide solutions for with your smartphone or tablet.

The hardware component also includes output to barcode and/or RFID printers, be they desktop printers or portable printers (similar to those carried by rental car staff).  Generally when the data is in the computer we like to leave it there, but there are appropriate times when putting the data in hardcopy form is necessary, and we know how to do that well.

We sell the handheld readers our applications run on:


IP30_CN70_12_PRO1b     IOS-Compatible        NordicID Merlin

Motorola              Honeywell                 NordicID          Smartphone/tablet

ruggedness         modularity               support                    flexibility                                                                                                                     (IOS/Android/Win)

offers future-proof

Fixed readers:

IF2 RFID Reader IF61 Reader    Motorola fx7400  Motorola an200  USB_PLUS__57797.1413214485.178.178

Intermec Readers & Antennas                 Motorola and others….      plus USB RFID Readers

and Printers, be they bar code and/or RFID printers:

Intermec PM23         RZ400-1