It’s All About the Data!

Hardware – Software – Peopleware – the three legs of a successful technology implementation into an existing business process.  But as important as each of those are, it’s the integration of all those to provide better-faster-cheaper and more accurate data that is the benefit the corporation needs from the new technology process.  It’s hard […]

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Internal Delivery Tracking Using the “Poor Man’s RTLS Solution

An earlier blog introduced how this “Poor Man’s RTLS” solution works, and here we’ll discuss another example – Tracking internal deliveries.

In many large operations, fast deliveries are the order of the day.  In the aviation arena it is about two orders of magnitude more important than in other businesses.  Why? For lack of a […]

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“Poor-man’s” RTLS system

A Real Time Location System (RTLS) has been a wonderful idea for a long time, but it also has been pretty expensive for a long time.  So I’ve developed an alternative solution that may get you 90% of the benefit at 10% of the cost.

The problem is that you need to install a large […]

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