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Tracking Wheels at Delta Airlines Using RFIDAeroTrack

Keeping track of their wheel inventory at multiple locations just got a whole lot easier with Transparent Data Collection!

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Appropriate hardware is one third of a successful project.  We understand and can supply the newest hardware, but we really want to select the appropriate hardware to solve your business problem – be that RFID, barcode, or maybe it’s not a hardware issue at all?

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Software is part of the ‘special sauce’ that makes our solutions so successful in the real world.  The software is always focused on the end user to make it clear and easy to accomplish the task at hand. Our recommendations allow customers to NOT be dependent on us! Amazing concept, huh?

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Business Process (Peopleware)

Peopleware  is all the things in our solutions that are not hardware or software!  Business processes, training, clear procedures, and your company culture are all elements of Peopleware.  Solving the Peopleware issue solves the problem long before and long after the hardware and software are deployed.

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Consulting – Business and Technology Integration

Consulting in the area of business and technology integration is our primary passion. There are tremendous productivity improvements to be gained with rationalizing the business processes and then adding a little technology to do things like get the data into your systems better, faster, cheaper – and correct the first time!

We have experience in a number of large corporations over several decades, and consulted on business and technology integration with the DoD, United, Honeywell, Teradata, Delta, Austrian, Fujitsu, Boeing, and other corporations. Read more

About Us

Jon Andresen Technology Solutions PrincipalTechnology Solutions has been the primary architect and author of commercial aviation industry’s bar code, RFID and traceability ATA Spec2000 standards.

Principal Jon Andresen has decades of experience implementing new technologies into existing business processes. An engineering degree from MIT and years of experience “spanning the gap” between the physical world of maintenance and the virtual world of IT and technology. Read more

Papers, Presentations & New Ideas:

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Upcoming Events

  • DoD RFID Spec2000 presentation, Washington, DC, Dec 13, 2017
  • RFIDAeroCheck on-aircraft demo, New York, JFK, Feb 26, 2018
  • RFID Journal Live, Expert’s Booth, Orlando, April 10-12, 2018
  • DoD RFID Spec2000 demonstration, Atlanta, Mar 14, 2018
  • RFIDAero User Conference, Chicago, Sept. 2018